Senchuk Estate Vineyard

lincoln lakeshore

Welcome to Senchuk Vineyard, Leaning Post Wines’ estate vineyard nestled in the West end of the Lincoln Lakeshore sub-appellation. The immediate area between the towns of Grimsby and Winona is one of the most unusual in all of Niagara: on one side, the Niagara escarpment looms, and just 1.6 km to the North is Lake Ontario.  The distance from lake to escarpment is, by far, the narrowest in all of Niagara, creating an unusual micro-climate of Niagara sunshine with constantly moderating breezes. The soil is quite unique; a blend of silt and stony loam on the surface, and a sturdy base of hard grey clay and limestone only 0.5 metres below, providing the perfect foundation for all grape varieties planted here: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay & Dolcetto.  These features result in Senchuk Vineyard wines that are intense, flavourful, structured, and nervy with moderate alcohols and higher acidities that allow the wines to age gracefully for decades.


Owners Ilya & Nadia Senchuk took a chance on an unknown vineyard in the far west area of Lincoln Lakeshore where quality winemaking was not yet proven. Where family and friends saw a broken-down barn and an abandoned vineyard, they saw a diamond in the rough. Through dedication, hard work, and – perhaps – stubbornness, the Senchuk Vineyard was transformed into a beacon of excellence, unveiling its hidden potential one harvest at a time. 

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Why IlyA Loves It

Staking his reputation on an unknown vineyard is not something that was entered into easily. Countless nights of worry and endless hours in developing the vineyard from the ground up have made this property home. Pride doesn’t begin to explain how Ilya & Nadia feel when local and international wine writers remark on the depth of flavour and complexity that this vineyard produces. The unique feeling of putting down roots (physically and metaphorically) that produce exceptional wines is invigorating. This previously undiscovered land showcases what Ilya believes is the very best of the region.  As he proclaimed when the property was acquired: “This is me in a bottle…no compromises!”

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