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Leaning Post consistently ranks in the Top 10 Wineries in Ontario with critical scores from both domestic and international wine writers. Featured in top restaurants in Toronto, Montreal, London (UK), and Copenhagen, Leaning Post epitomizes small-scale, artisanal winemaking with minimal intervention, allowing the land to fully show itself in glass. At Leaning Post, you can expect a unique wine experience focused on celebrating terroir.


It’s easy to see the vision the Senchuks had today, but the path to get here had humble beginnings. In 2011, Ilya & Nadia Senchuk acquired a farmhouse nestled on 11 acres of land with the dream of starting the winery. The property included an abandoned vineyard and barn that could only be restored by ‘crazy youths’ with more passion than brains. Through hard work and dedication, they have built a winery that has surpassed even their wildest dreams. 


The previously undiscovered vineyard on the estate has proved to be a hidden gem, consistently yielding superb fruit that translated into high-quality Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. These wines have garnered acclaim from both local and international wine critics, establishing Leaning Post Wines as a beacon of excellence in the region.

Nadia & Ilya Senchuk

“Leaning Post was started with faith and a lot of hard work. Off the beaten path in Stoney Creek, we’re doing what we love and forging our own path. From the ground up, we’re crafting wine with a passion so fierce, you can taste it.”   

- Nadia Senchuk

Husband and wife Ilya & Nadia Senchuk followed their dream to produce world-class, terroir-driven wines from vineyards across Niagara. Ilya pursued his Oenology & Viticulture degree in Niagara and fell in love with the local wine scene & terroir. After several years as a winemaker in the region, he staked his reputation on an unknown vineyard to showcase his winemaking skills. His partner in business & life Nadia shared his vision and, together, they started Leaning Post Wines. Nadia is a Certified Sommelier and holds an MBA in finance. Together with their three young children, the Senchuks are living their crazy wine dream. Never a dull moment with the kids or business, their life is crazy but full.


Ilya and Nadia were thrilled to be guests on the Between the Wines podcast. Click to listen to the episode as Ilya and Nadia chat about the history of Leaning Post how they built the winery to what it is today.  

Our Terroir

At Leaning Post, terroir is not just a feature of our wines; it is the soul of our winemaking, an integral part of our commitment to authenticity, quality, and the celebration of the unique landscapes that shape our extraordinary wines.  


Terroir is not just a principle; it is the essence of what defines our winemaking philosophy and distinguishes our wines. Terroir, the unique combination of soil, climate, and topography, imparts a distinctive character to our vineyards, creating wines that authentically reflect the land from which they originate.


Tasting the difference terroir makes is our passion. It’s what makes a wine memorable – on the nose, on the palate, and in life’s shared moments. 

Recognizing the importance of terroir goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to environmental stewardship. By preserving the integrity of our vineyard ecosystems, we contribute to the sustainability of our land, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the richness of our terroir.


Leaning Post Wines is Certified Sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario (SWO). Leaning Post is committed to being stewards of the land, good community partners, climate action leaders, and is invested in social equity and diversity. 


Practicing environmentally responsible & sustainable approaches in the vineyards and winery is our way to ensure that the land we farm and the community we live in remain healthy and viable for future generations. 

The Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario Certified logo assures consumers that the complete grape to glass cycle is sustainable – that the grapes are grown, and the Ontario VQA wine is crafted with sustainability at the forefront of each winery and vineyard’s business philosophy. 


As a winemaker, Ilya seeks to explore Niagara’s terroirs by delving into lesser-known sub-appellations, expressing their unique characteristics in the purest form possible. Leaning Post Wines has become a trailblazer by focusing on high-quality single-vineyard wines that showcase the essence of each site.


At the time of its inception, Leaning Post Wines was among the few wineries in Niagara embracing the Lincoln Lakeshore appellation. The winery’s commitment to site expression and dedication to crafting exceptional wines influenced the landscape of Niagara’s wine industry. Today, the Lincoln Lakeshore sup-appellation boasts about 50-60 wines produced under its title, illustrating the significant impact of Leaning Post Wines on the region.


The winery’s emphasis on appellation and sub-appellation wines aligns with the evolving trends and growth in Niagara. Leaning Post was ahead of the curve, crafting their single-vineyard and sub-appellation wines well before it became a prevalent practice embraced by consumers. In essence, Leaning Post Wines has not only shaped the narrative of Niagara’s wine culture but continues to be a pioneering force in the pursuit of excellence and terroir expression.

“I honestly can’t think of a better medium for me to express myself. It allows me to use my scientific/geeky side and my artistic/creative side. Add to that the connections to place, people, and history, and it is what I love to do most.” 


- Ilya Senchuk

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