Keczan Vineyard

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The Keczan Vineyard slopes gently towards Lake Ontario at the base of the escarpment in the town of Beamsville.  While it is in the same sub-appellation as both Senchuk Vineyard and Grimsby Hillside Vineyard (Lincoln Lakeshore), it’s distance to the lake is greater, resulting in a noticeably warmer microclimate. The soil, a deep silt/clay loam enriched with gravel throughout, imparts distinctive characteristics to the grapes, resulting in wines of unparalleled depth and complexity. This vineyard seems to be more suited to fuller-bodied red wines and is where Leaning Post Wines sources its Syrah. The depth and complexity continue to amaze on the potential of this wine.


It has been lovingly cared for by Les and Judy Keczan for over 30 years. Judy continues the family legacy of top-quality grape growing since Les’ passing a few years ago. While Niagara is not well known for this grape variety, this unique terroir creates stunning cool climate Syrah. 

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Why IlyA Loves It

The unique story behind this vineyard started in 2012 when the owner advertised Syrah grapes available for purchase. Leaning Post Wines was then in its infancy and to secure these grapes, Ilya helped the Keczan family sell the remainder of their grapes to fellow winemakers. Since growing both in age and scale, Leaning Post would gladly take more grapes however the wineries will not release them! 


Additionally, the first pressing of the grapes from Keczan Vineyard occurred on the same day the Senchuks welcomed their second son, Ruslan. Due to the craziness of the day, Nadia drove herself to the hospital (getting a speeding ticket along the way), while Ilya pressed the wine before rushing to Nadia’s side. The Syrah from this vineyard is special to the Senchuk family and is greatly treasured. 

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