Bock Vineyard

St. David's Bench

At the far-East end of the St. David’s Bench sub-appellation lies Bock Vineyard. In many ways, it is the opposite of other vineyards utilised by Leaning Post Wines. The Niagara escarpment is lower and gently rolling here, and the vineyard is set back considerably further from Lake Ontario in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Much less cooling influence from the lake, combined with heavier clay loam soil, and a gently sloped, south-facing aspect create a beautiful “bowl of sunshine”.  


The wines are full-bodied, fruit-forward, and powerful yet balanced.  While it is the warmest site that Leaning Post works with, Pinot Noir still seems to thrive here albeit in a very different style than that of other vineyards. Owned by the Bock family, the vineyard is stewarded by meticulous farming and attention to detail, growing grapes that reflect the essence of St. David’s Bench – bold, expressive, and unforgettable. 

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Why IlyA Loves It

Situated in the far-Eastern part of St David’s Bench with a southern aspect, Bock Vineyard provides a very distinctive flavour profile from that of the other terroirs Ilya likes to play with. The heat in this vineyard creates Pinot Noir that has intense depth while maintaining cool climate aspects of earth and spice. Bock Vineyard is located 45 km from Leaning Post Wines and only 2.5 km from the Niagara River (and the Canada/US border), meaning that Ilya truly gets to play with terroir in Niagara from end-to-end.

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