Very intense tropical aromas of pineapple, passionfruit and mango lead to kiwi, lemongrass and lime-leaf on the nose.  The palate has bright acidity matched by a creamy texture, with key-lime and starfruit battling with passionfruit for supremacy, while lemongrass and honeysuckle stand back and watch. ...

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Our house style of rose is bright and refreshing with the most beautiful colour and great fruit. The nose is so vibrant the red fruits such as raspberry, strawberry and watermelon with savoury notes of white pepper, lemon basil and hints of orange blossom.  The...

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2021 The Fifty Chardonnay

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This chardonnay is the perfect reflection of the 2020 vintage.  The nose starts out with white peaches, and grilled pineapple, followed by hints of spices such as cardamon and sea salt.  There is a beautiful rich and creaminess on the pallet, along with wet-stone, warmed...

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The Clone 96 showcases the beautiful characteristics of one clone from one vineyard.  This wine has incredible depth on the nose that slowly evolves, keeping an interest in seeing what else will appear.  The nose encompasses tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and toasted almonds with...

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The 2020 vintage allowed us to showcase the beautiful differences of each clones that is grown in the Senchuk Vineyard.  The clone 548 standing solo for the first time, typically this clone is the backbone of Senchuk Vineyard Chardonnay.  The nose has multiple layers starting...

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Exceptionally tightly wound, the bright lemon curd is balanced perfectly with wet-stone, gunflint and wisps of wintergreen in the background. With more air some green apple, pineapple, crème-fraiche and roasted almond do start to appear, but the fantastic notion of a cold mountain stream trickling...

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Reductive notes of charcoal smoke and flint beautifully supported by stone fruit, and hints of petrol.  On the pallet there is a rich and creamy texture twinned with the freshness and slight hints of other grape varieties. It is practically immortal and should age for...

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This wine represents the evolving nature of wine in Niagara. Orange marmalade, jalapeno pepper jelly, and passionfruit dominate the nose and palate, while elderflower honey, cream and lemon dominate the palate with a rich and oily texture. It is all tied together with bracing acidity,...

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Intensely aromatic, our Petillant Naturel explodes on the nose with lime, fresh ginger, guava, mango and orange-peel leading the way, while cumin seed, cinnamon and rose-petals echo throughout. The palate brings more fruit, with lychee, starfruit and pineapple mingling with cardamom and alstroemeria. Soft, creamy...

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